VS 95

Most popular.
Variable speed motor 95% furnace.
2 stage gas valve.
Stainless steel heat exchanger.


DLX 95

Single stage multiple speed blower has stainless steel heat exchanger.


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All furnaces come with 10 year part warranty. 1-10 year no hassel replacement depending on a model. Lifetime warranty on heat exchanger for all 85% furnaces. Available in gas or propane.

Qualify for 2010 TAX REBATE


Prestige Condensing HE Stainless Steel Wall Mount Gas Boiler by Triangle Inc.
South Coast Air Quality Management District Listed The Lowest Possible Emissions
ASME Certified
Energy Star Listed
Efficiency Rating of 95% AFUE
Available in 5 models (60, 110, 175, 250 and 399)
Natural Gas or Propane
Fully Modulating
Digital Display
Higher water volume than competitive units
Quiet Operation

Water Heaters - we install wide variety of Hot Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters

Thermostats - BEST:

Honeywell Vision PRO IAQ

High-Definition, Full Color Display - Visual clarity of the display is three times better than typical thermostats
Temperature Control on Demand - Sense and make adjustments from anywhere in the home (with Portable Comfort Control)
All-In-One Control - Controls temperature and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ products) such as humidification and dehumidication from a single control in the living space Outdoor Temperature/Humidity - When used with a Wireless Outdoor Sensor, the outdoor temperature and humidity can be displayed on Prestige to help you prepare for your day and save money
Interview-Based Programming - Walks you through a simple setup process to program your heating and cooling equipment run time
7-Day Programming - Allows separate programming for each day
Energy Savings - Program to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs (If used as directed. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage)
Simple Touchscreen Technology - No hidden doors or complex buttons
Tri-Lingual - Adjust settings to display in English, Spanish or French

Aprilaire Model 8870 Thermostat

Simple Operation While Aprilaire Model 8870 Communicating Thermostats can be individually operated, they work best in a system, whether controlled by a PC or home automation system. Internet access allows you to control the system from virtually anywhere in the world.
Exceptional Convenience The individual programming or resetting of thermostats is completely eliminated. You receive information from all Aprilaire 8870 Thermostats on your home automation systems touch panel.
Energy Savings Temperature settings can be customized within the system to fit your lifestyle, delivering increased energy savings.
Total Comfort and Ease of Mind Left for work and forgot to set back your thermostat? Turn them off from your work PC. Going to your vacation home this summer? Program your air conditioner to turn on a couple hours before you arrive. Relaxing at night with a great movie adjust the temperature, dim the lights, and turn on your A/V system all from one location, your home automation s touch panel.


Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat

Simple to operate- the Aprilaire Model 8570 utilizes consumer-proven features such as menu-driven programming and automatic adjustment for daylight savings time. The 8570 uses plain, easy to understand language with no icons to decipher. Easy to read vibrant, soft blue backlighting with a large display allows the 8570 to be viewed at any light level.
Real energy savings- the 8570 is Energy Star Rated and offers setback programming that minimizes energy consumption while you are sleeping or away from home. The Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat adjusts your home's temperature up to four times a day for any combination of days, or every day individually.
Friendly programming- easily view or change the program schedule on a single screen. You can even program the fan to be "On" or "Automatic" during each event of the program.
Constant comfort- after setting back your thermostat at night to save energy, your morning temperature setting is assured at the precise time you wish, through the use of special Progressive Recovery technology. This is accomplished while optimizing your heating and cooling systems start time for total energy efficiency. For example, if you want to reach a specific temperature in your home by 7 AM, the system will begin operating at just the right amount of time before 7 AM to reach the set temperature.
Holiday feature- allows the 8570 program to be overridden until the date and time you select whether you're away for hours, days or weeks.
Ultimate temperature control- the Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat allows you to control up to four separate areas of your home when connected to an Aprilaire Zoned Comfort Control system.
Enhanced humidifier performance when connected to an Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifier, the Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat extends blower operation as needed to satisfy your home's humidity requirements. By connecting to an outdoor sensor or Automatic Humidifier Control, the 8570 becomes your personal indoor environment center by displaying outdoor temperature, indoor relative humidity and providing you with the ultimate in humidity control.
Exceptional convenience - the Aprilaire Model 8570 Thermostat maintains the program and all application settings with its permanent program memory even during power outages of any length. The 8570 will also notify you when you need to change an air filter, service a humidifier, or service your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The monitor can also conveniently display your HVAC dealer's name and phone number if you need assistance.


Aprilaire Model 8463/8465/8466 5/2 or 5/1/1 Day Programmable Thermostats

Easy to Use Temperature Control and ability to override the program schedule at any time.
Progressive Recovery assures that the heating and cooling equipment starts at the optimum time to reach choosen temperature by the time you want it.
Choice of 5/1/1 Day or 5/2 Day Programming. This allows for customization of your weekday and weekend schedule based on your needs.
Additional Features:
-Large LCD Screen with high contrast - for easy reading.
-Outdoor Temperature Reading for convenience and comparison (requires optional outdoor temperature sensor).
-Circulate Fan Mode means that the fan comes on for 10 minutes every 30 minutes for better indoor air quality plus reduces hot and cold spots within your home.
-Service Reminder tells you when you should change your air filter to protect your equipment and water panel to keep your humidifier running in optimum condition. It also can remind you to service your equipment or whole-home dehumidifier to insure the longevity of your investment.


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