AC Units:

Tempstar SmartComfort TXT+ Two-Stage Air Conditioner

Energy-savings up to 16 or 18 SEER exceeds federal ENERGY STAR efficiency standards.
Two-stage system reduces temperature and humidity swings in the home by heating and cooling more evenly.
Quiet, durable, efficient, Qualify for 2010 TAX REBATE.


Tempstar SmartComfort TX 5400 Air Conditioner

Energy - saving 14 SEER efficiency saves on monthly energy bills.
Two-stage fan
Quiet, durable, efficient.





Tempstar SmartComfort TX 5300 Air Conditioner

Energy -saving 13 SEER meets federal efficiency standards.
Quiet, durable, efficient.





Heat Pumps:

- Primarily A/C used for cooling, but in the winter, heats your home down to 2 degrees outside temperature. If outside temperature is lower then 2 degrees, furnace kicks on.
- Saves on gas cost / consumption in the winter.
- Energy Star rated
- 15 and 17 seer qualify for tax credit.
- Offered in 13, 14, 15, 17 seer.

Also offer a selection of Attic Fans and whole house fans based upon the sq. footage of your attic. Call us for an estimate.

- As of January 1st, 2010 - R-22 units are no longer available based upon EPA Regulations.


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